The Hardest Part of Social Media Marketing? Being Social.

(Even When You’re Not Anti-Social) I’m a very social person. I enjoy talking to anyone, about anything. I’m not the person you want to be sitting next to at a dinner party when you

Five Key Ways to Achieve Your Business Goals NOW

Or: How to Bring in the Bacon Faster than Ever Before! If you are not rolling in dough and inundated with new business, whether you are in a new business venture or not, you

How Do You Allocate Your Marketing Funds?

Make sure your marketing dollars are going in all the right directions. Marketing is confusing enough as it is and there are literally bajillions of marketing companies and consultants out there that seem to

Six Simple Ways to Create More Business Demand NOW

Business owners and executives are always working toward increasing their customer base. Even large companies can flounder in trying to find new ways to get people engaged. News Alert: Here are some very simple things

Successful B2B Actions YOU CAN USE NOW!

Marketing goals, strategies and actions are changing almost daily. Utilizing the internet, social media and cloud-based solutions really does create so many new avenues to market your business. Ok, there is the question of

Dreams. Rainbows. A Pot of Gold? Whatcha Workin’ For, Anyway?

I’m a dreamer. Really. Since the beginning of time, I enjoy the heck out of dreaming about big, outrageous, sometimes totally unrealistic ventures. Dreaming gets your creative juices flowing, and I think dreaming big

7 Key Questions to Determine the Value of Your Marketing Plan

7 Key Questions to Determine the Value of Your Marketing Plan Whether or not you have a marketing background, you have had the pleasure (or torture!) to learn a little about marketing to get


Ladies really like rocks: diamonds, sapphires, and rubies especially. Men like them too; either giving them to their wonderful ladies, or hurling them (in stone form) at their enemies. Nuggets are also nice to

The FIVE Best Ways to Get Business from LinkedIn

Social media is the elephant in the room – it’s obvious to all, obnoxious to some and extremely unpredictable. Napster, WordPress, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube…. What are these things, when do I use

The 10 Things You Must Know to Grow

How many times have you thought to yourself, “Is there another, better way”? So often, in business, getting stuck in a rut is an all too common occurrence. Even if you are operating a
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