A Tale of Social Media Marketing Success

Harlan’s Experience (Any resemblance to real people or situations is purely coincidental.) Once upon a time a man named Harlan decided to get out of the rat race and go into business for himself.

Your Social Media Cheat Sheet

Getting the exact right attention for your business on social media means knowing where you should be putting your focus for best return. Depending on your business, and whether you are B2B or B2C,

7 Ingenious Ways to Help Yourself by Helping Others

You and several business associates are at dinner with a potential client that your boss has actively been pursuing for years. You find yourself sitting next to the Big Cheese of the new client

Why Social Media Marketing is a Must

Hi! Since I tend to stockpile marketing tidbits, I thought you might enjoy perusing a bunch of random Social Media statistics taken from recent surveys. See if you can extract some use or understanding

Now, Where Did I Put My Business Image?

The goal of your business is not how your business looks to others. To want to “look good” or “look like” is fine – such as, “I want my business to look good to

Winning Targets that Get the Job Done

It’s one thing to have a business plan in place, with goals, purposes, and policy. It’s quite another to have some detailed and very specific targets – actions to guide you down your winning

Social Media for the Best Return in Real Estate

Let’s face it, marketing in real estate is not like marketing in any other industry. Realtors are hustlers, always looking for new ways to get that next big sale. Marketing is a must, and

8 Tips for a Fresh, New Social Media Presence in 15 Minutes or Less

Whether you have a marketing team, or practice a DIY approach, you know how important it is for your business to be active on social media and keep your profiles and pages interesting and

Five Clear Email Marketing Tips You Can Really Use

Justly or unjustly, lately it seems that social media marketing has sort of kicked email marketing to the curb. Unfortunate, because email is still such a great way to communicate to those that already

Your Facebook Marketing for 2016

(Or: How to Get Your Share of the Pie) Like most marketers, I keep my eyes peeled for valuable nuggets of information I can share to help you improve your business through the right
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