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9 Astonishing Blogging Statistics

Marketing, as an industry of agencies and individuals, has the goal of finding the best ways to get the word out about your products and services so you can grow and make more money.

Don’t Be So Agreeable!

4 Ways to Scrap the Status Quo, at Work and in Life We are all so concerned with being politically correct, and super careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings. We want to do what

Don’t Take Any Chances on Your Success!

Get it done right, the first time. You: A kick-butt business owner, an energetic take-no-prisoners manager, or an innovative marketing professional that is strategically planning your next big, powerful career move. You are smarter

Are Your Promotional Activities Working?

Or, are you stuck in a box? Are you happy with your business communication? Are the products flying off the shelves, and people lined up around the block to buy your services? People (new

Happiness Is… Helping the Other Guy (Or Gal)

“Wait, wait… What?,” you sputter. “This is business. If I’m going to focus on helping the other guy, I might as well throw my business over the fence to my competitor.” Well. That’s true. That

Happy Holidays!

What? You think it’s too soon to be sending out holiday wishes? I don’t. Holiday preparations and promotions start earlier and earlier every year. I’m surprised when Labor Day arrives without first seeing or

Have You Hired an Exterminator?

I recently hired a company to do exterminating services at my home. I’d been doing DIY, but that bug guy showed up at the right time and talked creepy-crawlies to me until my skin

Six Sure-Fire Ways to Be a Content Superhero

A few years back I did some work at a hospital in Los Angeles, and as part of their policy, all new business partners needed to attend a seminar to learn some basics about

The ONE Thing That Will Sell Your Business

There are so many ways and means to market your business these days. Whether it’s email marketing, social media marketing, direct mail marketing, content marketing, etc. etc. etc. there is ONE thing that will

7 Things Your Marketer Should NOT Be Doing for Your Small Business

(And 4 Things They Should) Questions regarding expectations of marketing professionals comes up frequently enough in my daily dealings that I wanted to share my thoughts. As someone who has worked with small businesses,
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