Six Ways to ROCK Your Small Business Marketing in 2017!

Wow! Is this lady gonna rock 2017 or what? She’s confident, prepared and ready to take over. Promotion at its finest. Do not get in the way of her determination!

Do you know exactly what you are going to accomplish this next year?

According to Small Business Trends, the top 6 Marketing Focuses for 2017 are:

  1. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile. Get your full game on mobile. My words, not theirs.
  2. Email Marketing done right. Think education, not suffocation.
  3. Data Informed Decisions. Do your homework before acting!
  4. Video Content. Engage, entertain, inform.
  5. Expert Blogging. Hire a professional to write it, even if you are the expert.
  6. Better Social Media Practices. High-quality content, lots of engagement.

I would like to get all my business peeps to the top of their game in 2017. Read: Promotion! can help secure: your next step on the corporate ladder, a successful new ad campaign, social media that makes waves, or even business development, growth and sales calls that bring in the cash. We love it all at RP. Tell us how we can help you succeed. We tailor our solution to your budget! You can’t lose.

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Happy New Year and enjoy your holiday weekend!


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