8 Tips for a Fresh, New Social Media Presence in 15 Minutes or Less

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I’ve received so much positive response from this information that I thought I’d share it again. My intention is to provide helpful information to help you achieve even more success in business. Please take what you can use and toss the rest.

Whether you have a marketing team, or practice a DIY approach, you know how important it is for you and your business to be active on social media and keep your profiles and pages interesting and engaging. I have compiled eight actions you can take – in under 15 minutes each – to freshen up your presence on social share sites, with the goal of providing more awareness for your brand, inviting more communication to your business, and more lead generation.

  1. Update your picture or bio. A quality, current picture of you goes a long way with developing rapport and trust about you and your brand. A bio that is fresh shows you care. A throwback pic or antiquated email address will communicate a lot about you – volumes. Honestly, you can take a decent selfie at your desk. Get creative and get it done.
  1. Follow others, and ask them to follow you. Take a few minutes to get on a social site or two, find some new people to follow and ask a few people to connect with or follow you. When you connect with someone you feel is a good business connection, find a reason to support that person with a few Likes, Retweets or Endorsements.
  1. Emulate others with the intention to expand on your own, unique voice. Get on Twitter and find some “stars” in your industry, look at their profiles to see what they are posting, follow some of their followers, retweet and like a couple of their posts. A compliment to those you admire goes a long way with setting you apart for good-sportsmanship, and makes you “one of the gang”. Find a unique way to use what you have learned that fits your personality.
  1. Take a few minutes to learn a little more about how others are using social media marketing to get ahead. Jot down some ideas. Google search or get on Pinterest to search key factoids on social media marketing. Who uses what sites for what? Where does your targeted population hang out? You might find a new tactic you can exploit. Also, pay attention to how personal a business profile might be (taking note of TMI), and notice personal profiles that are set up professionally, where even personal opinions show acceptance and respect of others.
  1. Search out a couple fun facts or interesting tidbits about your industry that you can post that have nothing to do with selling your product. Take a few minutes and have fun. Google search an off-the-beaten-track question about your industry, see what other industry folks are doing on Google+, or search “humor + your industry” on Pinterest. Share it.
  1. Find one or two stock photo sites to visually spruce up your posts. My favorites are https://stocksnap.io and https://bigstockphoto.com. To create graphics or manipulate photos www.snappa.com  is great, and it’s free!
  1. Register a new profile on a new social media platform, and create your first post. Don’t have Tumblr, Google+, branded.me or Snapchat yet? Learn a little bit about it, sign up and make your first post. Any action that flows out is going to help your business expansion plans.
  1. Make a little change to your current, tried-and-true marketing plan. Post at a different time of day, post something new and inventive, send your e-newsletter on a different day. Change it up, freshen it up entices new followers to jump on-board. Try something new and then see what happens. You can always go back to the “same old” if it doesn’t work.

Social media is the chameleon beast of the marketing world. New tricks, ideas and must-do activities surface daily, and keeping a finger on the pulse of those changes will provide you the best shot at taking advantage of everything it has to offer your business.

Get help with your social media marketing when you get confused or feel you have fallen out of touch with how to use what, when, and where. But in the meantime, try these few easy tricks to give you an edge up on yesterday.

We are happy to help.

Denise Read
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