Happiness Is… Helping the Other Guy (Or Gal)

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“Wait, wait… What?,” you sputter. “This is business. If I’m going to focus on helping the other guy, I might as well throw my business over the fence to my competitor.”

Well. That’s true. That would not be wise. Except if you are so confident about your own client loyalty that you would gladly offer them up since you know they won’t leave you anyway.

What is a reflection of you? Your actions, right? So, if you are white-knuckled trying to keep hold of your clients and trying to throw your competitor in front of every possible bus, what does that say about you?

Likewise, what would it say about you if you operated your business with the attitude to help others in a big way? Everyone others, not just your own clients. Christmas is more fun for givers. So is volunteering.

What a concept: strive to give more. Period. Return phone calls, emails and texts, and find new ways to show your respect for your associates, clients and competitors. Cover for your co-worker when he’s not prepared (we all have those days) or pick up Starbucks for no reason at all. Do things that aren’t your job, with a smile.

This is a crazy, wild world and opinions are like arsenals… or something like that. Everyone has a correct opinion, because opinions are what’s true for each of us alone. We are entitled to our viewpoint and we deserve respect from others, even if our viewpoint is different.

The majority of us – approximately 80% by survey and observation – want the best, for ourselves and others. We have goodness in our hearts and we want to help. The other 20%? Follow your gut. If it looks like smoke and acts like smoke… it probably is.

We definitely will not always agree. In fact, many times we will vehemently disagree. But, supporting each other, in spite of our opinions and our arsenals, goes a long way in making big improvements across the board. With validation comes freedom. Try it. When you want to say something negative or critical, try instead to find something to like (or at least acknowledge), and say it.

The result might not be what you’d have expected, and it might not come from where you thought it would.

In sales, you get the order when you can show your own value, not when you endlessly point out another’s mistakes or shortcomings. When you focus on shortcomings, it screams yours. Surely you can tell the difference between a smarmy, insincere telemarketer and an earnest gal trying to help you with a legitimate solution?

What was one super amazing highlight of the Olympic Games this past August? Abbey D’Agostino helping New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin finish the race after they both fell in the second semifinal heat of the women’s 5,000-meter race. Abbey gave up her race, but she was the winner in our hearts. Her sportsmanship should be an example to all of us, in life and business.

How do you give to sell your product? How do you give to sell yourself? By raising your attitude above all reason otherwise, by helping others even when you could be thinking only about helping yourself. How could you practice this today?

Even when you take a hit – they aren’t going to buy, you’re not getting the promotion, your “sure thing” ran the other direction – show your appreciation for those very people who are disappointing you. Who will remember? They will. And who will be the winner in the end?

You got it.

You are different. No one else can do it like you. Show the rest of us your value by validating and appreciating others, even when the stakes are down. Your nimble rebound will be a leading example.

I’d love to help you succeed. I can write cool stuff for you or your business that will create a warm and fuzzy for whatever you want. I can help with social media marketing campaigns to get your brand to the people that should be seeing it. Need help selling your product or service, or talking about it to others? I’m your gal.

Your success is important to me. Let me know how I can help.

Very sincerely,
Denise Read
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