Are Your Promotional Activities Working?

business man inside box office, small space for work

Or, are you stuck in a box?

Are you happy with your business communication? Are the products flying off the shelves, and people lined up around the block to buy your services?

People (new clients) are imperative for your success. Unfortunately, though, unless you are already famous, not enough people know who you are or what you do. In order to get noticed, you need to sell, since how can you make it to the top of your profession, field or industry if you’re unknown? Selling requires communication.

Take a look at these business situations and see if any apply to you.

  • You have a great product to sell and you need to get the word out, whether to a hand-picked few investors or to the masses.
  • You need to educate your potential client so they can make an informed decision in their buying process (and choose you, of course).
  • You know you need to create first-rate promotional material that blows you past your competition, allowing you to dominate the marketplace.
  • You have information that will benefit others – a cure for something! – you just need to get it into the hands that need it.
  • You know that social media marketing and blogging can help your business, but you’re not sure what to focus on or where to start.
  • Your business and marketing plans lack the specifics and focus to get you to the top.

If any of the above apply to you, we can help. Even if you have experience in marketing or copywriting, if it’s not your main career and business focus, you would benefit from hiring a professional.

Procuring investors and buyers is the only way you can stay in business. Without them, why bother?

Getting more clients is the answer to making more money. With more clients and more attention, your value increases, and you will then be able to charge more money for the same thing.

Sales and marketing are imperative to your business. Without clean, concise, and succinct sales and marketing materials and content, how can you get the attention and new client base that you want? How you treat your promotional material will a clear indicator of how you think about your business, and where you are going. Treat it like a red-headed stepchild and you will end up with a red-headed juvenile delinquent of a business. Treat it like the Homecoming Queen and you are setting yourself up to be envied and copied by your competitors, and associated with the best of the best.

No matter your message, no matter your industry, and no matter your location, Read: Promotion! can create the message that brings in the orders.

Don’t DIY on your sales and marketing message. It’s too important. Call a professional. Refer someone else and receive a 10% commission.

Call me direct. I want your business to succeed. 818 913-3202.

Denise Read
Read: Promotion!
714 941-9399


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