Six Sure-Fire Ways to Be a Content Superhero

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A few years back I did some work at a hospital in Los Angeles, and as part of their policy, all new business partners needed to attend a seminar to learn some basics about working there.

They showed a short video that was eye-opening to me.

Imagine being in a hospital elevator. You are there to do work (as I was), running late for your meeting, and having forgotten the materials you were there to discuss. On top of that, traffic was awful and the parking lot attendant was rude. You are not a happy camper, to say the least.

In the elevator with you is a young woman who also seems upset. ‘Great,’ you think to yourself. ‘Her negative attitude is not helping mine! Why can’t people at least try to put on a happy face?’

Unbeknownst to you, the woman just found out that her husband (or parent, friend or child) has just passed away.

Would you have acted or reacted differently if you were aware of this? I would bet so.

I’m sure you can remember a time when you were surprised to learn something about someone, because you weren’t able to read it on their face. Likewise, others can’t see what’s going on with you by your face.

It’s an important lesson in many ways. Every single person has a life full of ups, downs, upsets, wins and all the emotions that accompany them, sometimes all in the same day. And, even without specifics, each of us is always in a position to help, personally or professionally.

In marketing, your content needs to predict the emotions of others, sense the needs and provide a solution. Once you have done your research and survey’s to pinpoint your message, it needs to be written.

Keep these six suggestions in mind to build winning content, no matter the avenue, or the audience.

  1. Always, always be respectful. The company that compliments their competitors is the company that will stand out, not the opposite. You put on the smile, you give a compliment, you forgive others. Show them how it’s done.
  2. Focus on the positives. All marketing materials should have facts, provided in order to inform and educate, in a positive light. People are naturally positive and they respond best to something that makes them feel good, not one that manipulates them to take robotic action. Appeal to one’s future happiness by providing a clear direction to it. I know it’s simple and underrated, but aren’t we all just trying to survive and be happy in this crazy rat-race?
  3. Tell the truth. No one likes to be hoodwinked, and appealing to one’s fears or their negative hidden impulses is like lying. Stooping to these levels will always backfire. I think it’s called karma.
  4. Be genuine. When you are natural, relaxed and being yourself, you will have a better chance of communicating in a way that can be easily received by others.
  5. Be creative. Find ways to be different, to say it differently, or offer something different. Variety is the spice of life!
  6. Accept that you won’t reach everyone. Some won’t be in the mood, and some will have urgencies or problems in front of them when your communication arrives. Let it go. And then get started on your next ingenious idea to communicate your greatness!

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Read: Promotion!

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