Six Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Hire a Writer

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(and Why You Should Change Your Mind)

You are many different people, and you wear many different hats in life – boss, dad, soccer coach, friend, brother. Or, boss, mom, soccer coach, friend, sister. And, if you stop and think about it, each of those hats has responsibilities and obligations. As a parent, for example, you have a responsibility to support and help your children to grow into responsible, smart and able adults. As a boss, you need to do what it takes to keep your company successful; more so every day.

Keeping all your many hats separated and segmented means you can wear them each to the fullest extent, and have the best chance of success for all. Spouses don’t like boss hats worn at the family dinner table, for example, nor do your employees want your soccer coach hat in the office.

In business, many different people wearing many different hats hire professional freelance writers. You may want to hire a writer to make sure your promotion and advertising actions are creating the impact you need to bring in more clients. Or, you may be releasing a new product and need a really great press release. Website updates do well with incorporating a professional writer too, as well as email newsletters, blogs, you name it. Whether you are a small business owner, a marketing or advertising executive, CEO or president, or manager overseeing operations, you could be wearing your hat thin if you are not fully informed about what hiring a professional writer can do for you.

First, look at who is responsible for the marketing and promotion at your company. Is that person doing the writing? Is that person a professional writer, or just someone that writes as part of his job, or both? Understand the differences. Just because writing is part of a job description doesn’t mean you will get professional-quality copy. Have you heard of anyone hiring a web hosting company that provides a monthly blog as part of their contract? Ever read any of those blogs? Ghastly! Today, many companies are splitting up their marketing, sales, promotion and copywriting and to get the best bang for their buck, are out-sourcing all or part of that work.

A medium-sized company with a marketing department in place, but no professional advertising copywriters, could be missing out, since a professional ad copywriter knows how to really create that want. Analyze the strengths of your marketing staff and decide if you are maximizing on those. If he or she is fantastic at analytics and lead generation, why not do more of that and hire a professional freelance writer to cover the copy? Maybe your writing is getting done because one of your staff does specialize in writing, but your social media marketing is being missed.

I’ve run into this countless times with my own clients, and since I really only want your business to succeed, I wanted to give you a few things you can look for to know if you are in a position to benefit from hiring out for some or all of your writing needs. Are you suffering from any of these common maladies?

  1. You feel like you don’t need a writer because no one in your industry is using social media marketing or blogging anyway. Oh… yeah? Let’s say your business manufactures packaging for other manufacturers, or that you are an entrepreneur. No matter what you do, there is a way to sell your product or service without hiring a blog writer or doing social media, but, (and that’s a big but!) what if you could reach so many more people that are looking for a company like yours – the best in your industry, but they don’t know you exist? It would be a disservice for you not to allow them the best product around (yours) by keeping the secret to yourself. Why not be the first in your industry to have a regularly updated website, a blog, e-newsletters and social media? You’ll get more attention for being so cutting-edge, and money follows attention.
  2. You don’t have the budget to add a body to your staff. Believe me, I understand this predicament. There are two questions you can ask yourself if this applies: 1. Do you understand the value that hiring a professional writer in regards to not only the spend, but the revenue you are missing because your copy isn’t enticing your potential client to act? And 2. Is it worth not having that value in order to “save” a few dollars, especially since you don’t have to insure or give paid vacations to freelancers? Honestly, sometimes, out-sourcing some work to a professional, whether you have the budget or not, costs less than not doing it, or doing it halfway.
  3. You don’t know that the best-in-class in your industry is already doing it. Do you know what your competition is doing? Have you pin-pointed your industry influencers? Is your marketing copy creative and original? Believe it or not, blogging gets slightly more focus and attention by today’s marketers than social media. No matter your business, using social media and a blog can benefit you and is worth investing in. Your competition knows that.
  4. You’re haphazardly trying to DIY in some capacity. You can’t spend your production (or weekend) hours putting together blogs, e-letters, lead-nurturing emails, PPC ads, press releases, reports, white papers, webinars, and video scripts, much less building your following and posting on social media. Even your marketing staff needs to stay focused on the big picture. Content creation, writing and social media take time, not the kind of time you or your staff should have on hand if you are doing your jobs more than sufficiently.
  5. You’re a business executive, not a writer. Seems obvious, but once you see how valuable content and social media marketing is and what it can do for your business – and that some of your competition has figured it out, using it with wild abandon – you will understand why you need to jump on the ferry before it leaves the dock. Not only is content and social media not going away, but it will bring business in direct ratio to the length and quality of your use of it. Writers, like me, love writing. I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine. When you have a professional writer do your writing for you, you will be gaining the quality communication and language expertise you wouldn’t get any other way.
  6. You strive to look and feel better than ever before. Wait… a malady? Yes, because it’s hard to look your best sometimes when you are not the only one creating your image. Your company, employees, and associates contribute to your image with their If you do it right, soon clients, bosses, subordinates and co-workers, family, friends and even your competition will stand up and take notice (and probably treat you a little differently) because they will see your commitment, loyalty, and unmistakable passion for improving your business and going that extra mile so you can win. What could be sweeter than that?

Find those parts of your business that could be further delegated, and out-source the work. It’s a great way to get the very best result, for less.

Make the decision to change and improve your business and commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve it. Then, just do it. You can’t win if you don’t take that first step. Try it.

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