Have You Hired an Exterminator?

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I recently hired a company to do exterminating services at my home. I’d been doing DIY, but that bug guy showed up at the right time and talked creepy-crawlies to me until my skin started to itch and I was begging him to destroy the millions of bugs around my house that very minute. He showed me pictures of bugs he said my neighborhood was infested with; bugs I’d never laid my eyes on. I got scared. As you know, this isn’t new. There are so many marketing tactics out there that rely on scaring you into taking action.

Then I kicked myself, because he tied me in for a year of service. Geez, to save the money, I can clearly spray some bug killer myself!

I’m a copywriter. No, I’m not saying, “Your business will fail miserably if you do not hire me yesterday!” Your business can surely live without me. Probably.

But, what I would like to instill in you is that SOMETHING CAN BE DONE to make your business better, and I’m inviting you to look at doing something different, changing something, or adding something. My business goal is to communicate a clear message to inspire the reader to take action, not scare him.

We’ve all spoken with green salespeople (gym membership folks, young whipper-snapper car salespeople, kiosk workers at the mall!). Pushy, and lacking the refinement to get you to feel anything other than disinterest at best, or downright contempt at worst.

I strive to work only with uber-successful companies, and I can’t tell you how many of them say to me, “Thanks, Denise, but we don’t need any help with marketing or copywriting. We’re uber-successful, and we’re just going to keep doing what we’ve been doing, because clearly, it’s working!” (Fortune 500 companies don’t say that.)

Then I ask these uber-successful guys (or check myself), and they are not active on social media they way they could and should be, their posts are rote, standard or downright boring, they don’t have a blog, and they are writing their own copy instead of hiring a professional copywriter.

Ok, cool. I can respect the choice. That’s me being a DIY exterminator when I can’t stand those little creepy-crawly critters. Trying to be something I have NO INTEREST in being.

Question: would you consider hiring a professional copywriter or changing your social media marketing strategy if you knew, without a doubt, that it would help improve your bottom line?

Rhetorical question.

After giving it some thought, I’m glad I hired the exterminator. He knows what he’s doing, he deals in bugs all day long and he’s not going to mess it up. I now have peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to wonder if I’m doing it right or if it will work.

I hired a pro. Money well spent.

Now, about your copy writing needs… Here’s how we can help.

  • Business & Sales Letters, E-Newsletters
  • Direct Mail Packages
  • Catalogs/Magalogs/White Papers
  • Ghostwriting
  • Print Ads/Brochures
  • Social Media Content
  • Website Copy/Blogs/Online Copy
  • Press Kits/Press Releases
  • Speech/Script Writing
  • Copyediting/Rewriting

Just think about it. Then call us.

Have a fantastic day!

Denise Read


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