Happy Holidays!

Heap of many christmas or birthday gift boxes (3D Rendering)

What? You think it’s too soon to be sending out holiday wishes?

I don’t.

Holiday preparations and promotions start earlier and earlier every year. I’m surprised when Labor Day arrives without first seeing or hearing something Christmas-y. So, why not? It’s never too early to work your wording magic to get others to do what you want them to do to secure their business with you and not the other guy.

If you work in retail, travel, grocery or shipping, the holidays are insane, and you know you need to have your ducks in a row regarding your promotion if you want to stay one step ahead of your competition. Remember that your sales letters, promotion packages, social media marketing campaigns, blogs, etc. don’t have to reek of hot chestnuts, eggnog and pine to be geared for holiday shopping sprees.

Sometimes, the subtle “Hi. Just providing some information… Not selling anything here. No, sir.” is enough. After all, what is communication? It’s sharing ideas and thoughts through the use of symbols with the intention of arriving at (and being understood) by the target of said communication. It’s smart to set up your sales communication to be received and understood first, before you ask your audience to take action; they will buy more, faster if they trust you and don’t feel like they are just another buck.

Your communication will always have a desired outcome, and you need to know that first, obviously. If you do want the holiday business, back-pedal your message until you reach today, and communicate your “holiday” message today, for today. Next week’s message will be different, as will the next week and the week after that, all leading your audience to your desired outcome.

If your desired outcome is a raise, for example, your communication will be tailored to your boss, and showing you in the light of such a valuable team member that not giving you more money would be a travesty.

Or, if you are a financial advisor, and your clients are multi-million dollar corporations, Christmas is likely not your busiest season, but you still want your sales message to resonate right up until your client shuts down for the holidays, and the moment they boot back up after the new year. What a great goal: you and your wonderful company fresh on the minds of dozens of savages with loads of cash.

What do you communicate over the holidays if it’s your slow season? If giveaways, contests or coupons are out, you can remind your clients and potential new clients that you are here to help, you’re a reputable industry expert and you are the answer when they are in the market for your services after the holidays.

Your continual communication, in the form of white papers, blogs, manuals, e-books, sales letters, newsletters, will definitely help. People won’t likely be talking about you if they don’t hear from you.

Business-to-business (B2B) companies tend to slow down during the holidays. What better time to catch up on internal communications such as training materials, presentations, or proposals? Updating the content on the intranet or internet websites, or pre-writing blogs and sales letters can also help gear up for the new year.

Use the holidays to your benefit. If it’s your slow season, you should not back off from communicating. In fact, stepping it up with helpful holiday ideas that tie back in to your product or service will really set you apart. While everyone else is accepting the snail’s pace, you can use it to your advantage.

My main goal is to get you to hire me for your copywriting needs. If your company has writers already, that’s great. Keep my info on file in case you have any overflow, or just need a new perspective. You could also:

  • Give my contact info to bosses or other department heads as a copywriting resource.
  • Suggest me to your associates and colleagues so they can hire me.
  • Read my stuff and get a positive and creative new outlook about communication and content so you can improve yours, in business and in life.
  • Remember me and my business, so when you are in need of a copywriter, or know someone who is, you will suggest me.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and that your holiday communication brings exactly what will help your business flourish, starting today (and maybe by the Fourth of July next year).

Denise Read


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