My Mom Doesn’t Like My Facebook Business Page

(NOTE – This blog is intended as irony and entertainment.)

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Today, I went to my business page on Facebook to invite more friends to Like, which is a normal part of my marketing activities. As I was scrolling down the list of friends I have already invited, just for fun and curiosity, I started looking at the thousands of people I have sent invites to. My jaw dropped to the floor when I realized how many people I assumed would immediately Like my page, that did not.

Like my mother (pun intended). And some super close friends.

The Facebook machine doesn’t lie, buddies and pals. Like most busy business people, I keep my eye on the prize (work, money, fame and fortune). I don’t have time to look at who accepts my invites and who doesn’t. And I’m not the sort that will shove my business down anyone’s throat. Should I have taken the time to follow up with my own family and friends?

One unfortunate fact: Facebook doesn’t let you bother people with more than one Like request. I guess “bother” is the key word. You get one chance, and if your friend happens to be busy getting a pedicure while browsing Pinterest when the invite arrives, it could be forgotten. Forever.

But, c’mon, you didn’t tie a string around your finger to remember little ole me? “Mom, really?” (Actually, to my mom’s credit she probably doesn’t know how to Like a page. But, that’s no excuse for the rest of you…)

I’m kidding. I totally get it. Life happens and, even with the best intentions, things fall through the cracks. I need to be a big girl and live with the fact that some of my very good friends, clients and my own family let my Facebook business page slip through the cracks of their life. (sniff)

People say to go to your closest circle first when you need something, but I don’t know if I totally agree with that. I mean, is my mom or brother or neighbor going to hire me to do their marketing for them? Probably not. My mother is one person. The goal of my business and my Facebook page is to be known and Liked by thousands, tens of thousands… no, hundreds of thousands (why think small?). And I’m going to focus on the numbers as a whole, not whether or not I got a Like from my son’s soccer coach.

I do, however, hope that after I post this blog on every social media platform every day for a week (small exaggeration), some of these guys and gals will remember that they want to support me, and they can by Liking my business page, and will do so next time they are on Facebook. I will not bug them, or ask them, and will still love them even if they don’t get around to it.

By the time you read this, my mother has likely gone into Facebook and figured out how to Like my page. That is, if she’s reading my blogs. Lol. I’ll wait a week to see what her response is (and, if I hear of anyone tipping her off, I will hunt you down) and then share a good laugh with her about it.

On the flip side, it’s extremely pleasing to see how many total strangers Like my page.

Honestly, it’s too bad that you only get to send one Like request on Facebook, and one reason why I try to accept every invite that comes my way. I want to be supportive, and I believe in people connecting with others. People are good and they want good things for each other. I get caught up too. Let’s all try just a little bit harder to stop and support other once in a while, even while life is happening chaotically around us.

As far as my distant but close friends and family, they are missing out, because when I’m rich and famous, and they don’t get invited to my mansion for Sunday afternoon high tea, I’ll remind them that they should have realized they were holding a winning lottery ticket in their pocket by having me as a friend. Oh, well. So sad for them. I hope they will be able to get over it. (wink)

In the meantime, I have work to do and there are 7 billion people on earth that deserve to be friends with me, and many hundreds of thousands of them are surely with-it enough to Like my page. They will all be invited to high tea on the first Sunday after I arrive in my new mansion.

Happy day, friends! You’ve always got me to Like your page. Send the invite to Denise Okkelberg Read.

Winningly yours,


Denise Read

Executive Director/Owner

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714 941-9399




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