Now, Where Did I Put My Business Image?

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The goal of your business is not how your business looks to others. To want to “look good” or “look like” is fine – such as, “I want my business to look good to potential clients” or “I want my business to look like that other mega-successful business I share the playing field with”. Nothing wrong with those goals.

At all.

However, there is something wrong with not seeing the bigger picture of why you are in the business you are in: to help others. Your business’s appearance will communicate a lot about how your business is run, but it is secondary to your business goals and activities. Does your business’s image communicate how you want your clients to see you? Is your office, website or store clean, orderly and organized?

Even if your customers don’t see it – like your home office – does it communicate what you want it to if they did?

When your business actions are reflective of your business goals, your image is a power booster: it’s a definite bonus, but it shouldn’t be the main focus.

Your space, whether an entire skyscraper or your tucked away home office, should be organized, clean, bright and set up for production. If you can’t find the information you need because of clutter, cups, books, gum wrappers or yesterday’s lunch, you are not running an efficient operation – whether a one-man show or a top level CEO.

It’s like fibbing, then isn’t it?

“But, no one sees my home office! I actually don’t even have an office – my desk is in the corner of my bedroom and no client will be coming into my bedroom!” So… if no one sees your mess, catches on or figures it out, does that make it efficient and productive? Hmmm. Rhetorical question: If you eat junk food at every meal, but no one is watching, can you just act like you have all the energy that fresh and healthy food will give you? Not likely, even if you tried.

Remember, the most important person does know about your inefficiency: You.

Your success in business, believe it or not, runs directly parallel to its efficiency, its production and its appearance. Not in a materialistic or superficial way, but in the same way that a glass of wine once in a blue moon is going to affect your life in one way, and a half a bottle every night of the week is going to affect your life in quite another fashion.

You know this makes sense. Ironically, so does the person drinking a half a bottle of wine every night.

When you are organized, your work is easier because you know where everything is. When you are disorganized, you double or triple your work (or worse!) because you are spending more time searching for things you need to get your job done than actually getting it done.

One word of warning, though. A very real consequence of organizing is that when you organize one small, little, teeny-tiny area like your desk, you’ll almost instantly see and be attracted to other areas nearby that need organizing – your file drawer, your closet, the equipment room, your car. You very well could suddenly find yourself wanting to spend a little more time ironing that shirt in the morning, or putting a comb through your hair before your client meeting, knowing even the small actions that help organize will make a difference in your ability to produce – because you will know it!


Not only that, you might find that people will treat you with more respect, really listen when you speak, and watch you with the intent to copy your actions because you will exude success. Spend some time organizing and pay attention to the results.

Organization and appearance won’t bring success in themselves. But, honest and ethical behaviors in conjunction with working your fanny off in an efficient space will attract the honest and professional business you want, and everybody wins.

Seems like a small price to pay for a winning business. No matter what or where your workspace is, and no matter who sees it, keep it tidy and organized. Keep track of where you put things, create a filing system for the files you need, and see how much more time you can create in your day. Who knows? You might buy yourself some time to cut out early one day to enjoy an ice cold lemonade.

We’re not an office organizing service, but we can help streamline your promotion activities to show off the professional business image you create.

Give us a call.


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