Monthly Archive:: June 2016

Five Clear Email Marketing Tips You Can Really Use

Justly or unjustly, lately it seems that social media marketing has sort of kicked email marketing to the curb. Unfortunate, because email is still such a great way to communicate to those that already

Your Facebook Marketing for 2016

(Or: How to Get Your Share of the Pie) Like most marketers, I keep my eyes peeled for valuable nuggets of information I can share to help you improve your business through the right

The Hardest Part of Social Media Marketing? Being Social.

(Even When You’re Not Anti-Social) I’m a very social person. I enjoy talking to anyone, about anything. I’m not the person you want to be sitting next to at a dinner party when you

Five Key Ways to Achieve Your Business Goals NOW

Or: How to Bring in the Bacon Faster than Ever Before! If you are not rolling in dough and inundated with new business, whether you are in a new business venture or not, you

How Do You Allocate Your Marketing Funds?

Make sure your marketing dollars are going in all the right directions. Marketing is confusing enough as it is and there are literally bajillions of marketing companies and consultants out there that seem to
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