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Marketing goals, strategies and actions are changing almost daily. Utilizing the internet, social media and cloud-based solutions really does create so many new avenues to market your business. Ok, there is the question of where to start, what to do, how to measure it, and if it will really help.

Here are the short answers: boot up your computer, get your business pages and profiles set up, post like crazy and then watch what happens, and YES!!

Even marketing professionals can have a hard time keeping up with how social media is being used to turn those new leads into real, paying clients. There is really only ONE thing to remember in all of this: energy and attention OUT equals energy and attention IN. You really don’t even need to consider the “IN” part of that statement. Focus on the OUT – get the word out, communicate, engage, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and then repeat some more.

The thing with social media that I personally think is hard for so many people to grasp is HOW MUCH TIME you can spend on it! However, if you streamline your actions and follow your marketing plan, and you keep putting OUT (No stopping to read posts or take IN!), think “Out! Out! Out!” you can really make it work for you.

Yes, you do need to have interesting content, and you need to be “social” and not slam your product down everyone’s throat with a sales pitch in every post, and you need to be friendly and supportive of your competition, and you need to be responsive to inquiries, questions or comments. But, ultimately, you just need to be present. Setting up 3-4 social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, etc.) and then regularly posting and engaging on all of them is energy OUT. In the old days, sending postcards and newsletters by snail mail was the method. But, now, you can post to your blog, send your blog out via email newsletter to your client base, offer coupons, contests and games to get people excited about your business and your product.

Here are some statistics from a recent survey to B2B companies, and what they thought was important regarding their marketing efforts for 2016.

What are the main focuses of social media?

  • 88% say engagement
  • 88% say customer loyalty
  • 87% say brand awareness
  • 77% say sales
  • 69% say lead generation
  • 69% say customer evangelism

How will they measure the success of social media marketing?

  • 62% say website traffic
  • 54% sales
  • 39% SEO rank
  • 38% time spent on website
  • 34% subscriber growth
  • 23% inbound links

Gives you an idea of what’s happening out there, doesn’t it?

We are in a transient and ever-changing field in marketing, and though traditional methods of promotion and marketing still work for many industries and companies, the focus is going more and more in the direction of internet and social media marketing. Prediction says that 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video. As a writer, I need to really start wrapping my head around the fact that I will be writing a lot more video scripts than newsletters and promotion letters.

And then there’s blogging! Never underestimate the power of consistent content. (Remember the OUT part above?) B2B companies running an active blog generate 67% more leads on a monthly basis than those who don’t. Regularly posting to a blog with interesting and educational information about your industry, company or product is a fantastic way to passively invite engagement. People like this because they can browse at their leisure and communicate when they want. What they don’t like is being held down on the floor flailing until they agree to buy. B2B companies plan to expend 60% more on marketing analytics this year, which proves the importance of being able to track (and then use) the data we are putting OUT into the clouds.

My company, Read: Promotion! can help fill in these gaps for you so you are not missing valuable opportunities, especially since social media marketing is such a widespread, powerful and inexpensive tool!


Please visit our website and give us a shout if we can do anything to help your business.

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