Six Simple Ways to Create More Business Demand NOW

Business owners and executives are always working toward increasing their customer base. Even large companies can flounder in trying to find new ways to get people engaged. News Alert: Here are some very simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to get the word out about your offering so you can move faster than ever on your road to success.


  1.     Get social media savvy.This can be a scary step for a lot of people that are so busy working and having a personal life that they don’t have the extra time to sit in front of a computer “twittering”. But, remember, there are a variety of ways people are connecting with each other using the internet. So, it should be pretty easy to find one or two places you can begin to explore how it works and how your business can benefit, even if you have just a few minutes a day. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn are just a few.
  2.      Update your website and post to social media – regularly!Most businesses have websites and profiles on several social media sites. The trouble is when they get created and then never touched again. Keeping your site and pages fresh means people will have new things to look at when they are in the market for what you have to offer.
  3.     Create content your customer wants.One major way to have the success you crave sooner than later is to really know your customer – and then give him what he wants. “Content” is communication – the written word, pictures, and videos. Anticipate the questions your customers have that your product or service can answer.
  4.      Write a blog.This can be a hurdle if you are not a writer and a business executive, however, the benefits of creating new ways to reach out to your customer base can prove priceless when you see the advantages to your business. You can create an atmosphere where you will have more name recognition, more people talking about you (and your posts!) and more new customers from referrals. And you don’t need to always invent new things to write about. Posts can run the gamut from recent industry news, new products, updated service offerings, or interesting factoids.
  5.     Give stuff away!When you are doing little things to update your website and providing new ways to engage your customer, you need to give them stuff. Mr. Customer needs a reason to call you RIGHT NOW – not later and not tomorrow. So, give stuff away. Attach a coupon to your blog or email blast. Give a discount for mentioning a blog, or reward a referral bonus for sending someone your way. You can get creative with the incentives, and when you do, your customer gets excited to do more business with you.
  6.     Post testimonials – often!Is your customer satisfied? Make sure to ask him if he got everything he expected. This helps in two ways. One, if he didn’t, you still have time to fix it so you will have 100% customer satisfaction. And, two, when he says yes, you can ask him to provide a quote about his wonderful experience doing business with you. You’ll share this quote with others, on your website, in your blogs and tweets. Voila!

Doing any of the above actions is going to help your business. Get started! If you don’t have much time, or money to hire someone to help you, do what you can with the time and expertise you have now. As long as you are doing something, you are on the road to success. And know that there are people that can help support your efforts to make the transition to social media marketing a much easier one. If you could use some help with marketing, building up your social profiles, writing content or creating a winning marketing plan, let us know. We are happy to work with you and your budget to create new ways to reach your customer, and have more chances to succeed.

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Here’s to your very bright future!

Denise Read

Executive Director/Owner

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