Ladies really like rocks: diamonds, sapphires, and rubies especially. Men like them too; either giving them to their wonderful ladies, or hurling them (in stone form) at their enemies. Nuggets are also nice to have, especially gold ones. But, the best rocks and nuggets of all are those that are truly priceless – and those are the ones we’re talking about today.

In business and in life, we are trying to not only survive, but to arrive at higher and higher states of awareness, happiness and success. I don’t think anyone would argue with that. We want to make the right choices and we try our damnedest to do exactly that; one barrier being absence of relevant information. For example, when you plan your finances to buy a new car, you have to take into account insurance, maintenance and gas. It’s not enough for a sixteen-year-old to get a part-time job and think he can make a $500/month car payment and not consider these other expenses. But, if he hasn’t been told to consider these things, he’s lacking the information to make the best choice.

I have learned about some genuinely priceless rocks, and have found them invaluable in creating success in life and in work.

  1. Write Down Your Definite Plan. It sounds simple, but in order to get anywhere, you need a plan to arrive. Whether it’s planning to create a Fortune 500 company, or have a family, you need a list of specific targets that will ensure you get there. You can create a Business Plan, or Administration Scale, or whatever you want to call it, starting with the key points listed below. Make sure to align them all, up and down. Once you finish your list, go back and double check, as things may have shifted on one when you change something on another. Here they are:
    1. The end product – what you’re going to “sell” to get to your goal. To get to Fortune 500 status, you need a widget so wonderful that the entire world will not be able to live without it for one more day. That’s your product. In creating a family, you’ll need to be ready to create that by having (and showing) that those qualities of a parent and partner are there – loving, organized, interested in a family, know about kids, etc.
    2. Statistics – You need to be able to measure how many products you have and are delivering. It’s easy to count widgets, but are you also counting how many people you are talking to about your widget, or how many orders are coming in? Can you measure the number of subjects you are educated in regarding a family? If you spend your time being educated in going to dance clubs, watching TV or laying on the beach, you are not going to get more family education under your belt to be ready for that family you want. As they say, “It’s a numbers game.”
    3. Ideal Scene – What’s the ideal, exactly and specifically? This is what you will use to determine if your daily actions are on the right track.
    4. Specific Plans and Programs – Once you have an ideal scene, you’ll inevitably start thinking of plans to get there: “I plan to open 10 new offices in the next three years, and have a 100 in five years” or “I plan to get married by age 30 and have my first child by 32”. Once you have a Plan, you will want to create Programs – steps to follow and check off in the direction of achieving the Plan. Each Program could also have its own steps and targets. Don’t be thrown off by the detail you might find yourself dealing with. Keep at it. You want things broken down into easily digestible and confrontable pieces, otherwise, the sheer overwhelm of what needs to be done could stop you in your tracks. Your goals are worth it! Believe it or not, once you have one clear Plan, the Programs and Projects practically create themselves. Practice makes perfect, so keep at it!
    5. Policy, Purposes and Goals – These are the rules, the reasons and the results you want. You need to have these written down, and well understood.
  2. Apply Specific Actions According to the Statistics. You will need to take different actions if your statistics are up than if they’re down. When they are up, it’s pretty easy – you just keep doing what you have been doing to get them up. But, when they are down, you need to hustle and create lots of activity to catch up to a level position, and then back to a rising position. This is key, because if you are just skating along and not paying attention to what’s working or not working, you could be at the mercy of everything and everyone around you, instead of you being cause of your own success.
  3. Really Understand Your Organization. How do things flow through your organization? Do you understand all the areas, from the executive team, personnel, marketing, treasury, production, quality review, and finally public attention? You need to see how things are flowing, where your staff is located, and what their responsibilities are. This will assist is clearly seeing any holes. For example, what if you have sales and marketing and you have a production line, and you have treasury counting all the money, but you don’t have quality control? Eventually someone is going to have trouble with your product or service, and if you don’t have someone there to handle that, it could be an extreme catastrophe. Same applies to the organization of your life.
  4. DREAM BIG! You need big dreams and illusions to give you the passion to muddle through all barriers, problems and conflicts on the path to greatness! Don’t misunderstand the use of the word ‘illusions’ here. Illusions are what artists use to create masterpieces! It’s not unreal, it’s creative! Get wild at what you want, because honestly, the sky really is the limit to what you can do. You are the first one that needs to believe in you, and you need to remember that you are enough. You don’t need your boss, or your employees or your spouse or your friends to believe in you. Of course, you want them to believe in you because that extra energy will propel you faster to where you want to be. But, you can’t “need” that. If it’s not there, you will need to look at the person or the relationship and really decide if it’s positive for you, your goals and your future.

You are powerful, creative, intelligent and artistic! Whether you are a CEO, a musician, or a mom, all of these things apply in making you the BEST YOU you can be. I believe in you. Turn off the negative noise of the world (and the TV!) and get to work, with the exhilarated attitude that YOU CAN and YOU WILL find a way to get it done!

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To Your Success, Denise

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