Dreams. Rainbows. A Pot of Gold? Whatcha Workin’ For, Anyway?

I’m a dreamer. Really. Since the beginning of time, I enjoy the heck out of dreaming about big, outrageous, sometimes totally unrealistic ventures. Dreaming gets your creative juices flowing, and I think dreaming big is like eating gum. When you chew gum, you are not eating, but your digestive system doesn’t know that – at least not at first. When you dream, you are tricking your mind into putting that vision into reality so you have a path to travel daily on your journey to get there. Seriously, what could be more fun than that?

Unfortunately, the dreaming part is so fun and easy that the task of arriving to the final destination can seem insurmountable. Creating and planning, and then having targeted steps to mark “done” is what makes all the difference. Here are the different types of targets that will put the wind back in your sails.


  1. Major Targets. These are the overall objectives, the meat of what you want to accomplish. Some examples could be: “To save $100K this year.” Or “Learn Italian.”
  2. Primary Targets. These could be called “understood” targets. If they are not there, nothing happens. For example, “Receptionist answering the phone from 9am-5pm.” Or “Someone making sure we making enough calls and sending out enough promo.”
  3. Vital Targets. These are needed – vital! “All trucks in the fleet operating fully every weekday.” Or “Computer network running effectively 24/7.”
  4. Conditional Targets. This is a two-step target – the first thing needs to happen for the second to happen. Some examples could include: “When we don’t have the room to service all our patients, we’ll need a bigger office.” Or “When our revenue increases $150K we will hire a new technician.”
  5. Operating Targets. These targets work in the direction of something, and then can be checked off when it’s done. I don’t know about you, but I’m good at these! I’m a crazy check lists lady – get it done, check it off! For example, “Hire a housecleaner so I can get more work done on the weekend.” Or “Get our social media campaign off the ground.”
  6. Production Targets. Also common, these targets are fun because they challenge you to find a way to get it done. “Get three new clients this week.” Or “Get to 500 LinkedIn Connections in the next two weeks.”

These targets do work together. If your goal is business expansion, you’ll need all these targets for all the different programs you’ll need to put in place to get that expansion to a DONE! But, keep in mind that you need them all, they are NOT interchangeable nor does having some of one means you don’t need another. One very common reason why a down-trend on the production line happens is because a primary target went out. If your best sales person just went on maternity leave and you did nothing to fill the hole, the consequences could be disastrous!


Dreams are fantastic. To me, they are what makes the world go round! But, dreams are even better when they are achieved. If you want to grow, you’ve got to allow for that growth, plan for it, and fill in the potholes before you arrive at them. Is your marketing plan working the way you want it to? Are you noticing that the more you put out, the more you get back?

I’d like to help your business improve. I’ll help in any way I can, even if that’s only asking my Facebook friends to Like your business page, or give you an idea or two on how you can get more connections on LinkedIn.

I hope this post has been helpful and would appreciate a Like or Share.

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