7 Key Questions to Determine the Value of Your Marketing Plan

7 Key Questions to Determine the Value of Your Marketing Plan

Whether or not you have a marketing background, you have had the pleasure (or torture!) to learn a little about marketing to get where you are today. I completely love marketing and could spend ALL DAY poking around learning new things, analyzing statistics and doing everything I can to make business goals come true! I would like to share a few things I have learned about how to know whether or not you have a good marketing plan, or where the holes are.

These questions are designed to get your brain in gear, and they are very specifically worded, so “clearly laid out” does not mean “in your head”. Ask yourself…

1. Is my Marketing Plan and Strategy clearly laid out?
Written down, well understood and clear.

marketing and strategy

2. Who, precisely, is my target customer?
Age, income, location, education, awareness, exactly – even if any warm body will ultimately do.

3. Do I have a differentiator that sets my business apart from my competitors?
Tagline, logo, brand, attitude, longevity, etc.

4. Do I know who my competitors are, and what they are doing?
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Copy the devil out of what others are doing that’s working!

5. Am I regularly assessing what’s working and what’s not? How?
Measuring actions and then assessing them is the only way, really.

working team

6. What is my strategy to handle both the up and down trends?
When the trend is down, toss any associated actions out the window. When it’s up, do it like it’s going out of style!

7. Am I on target to achieve my business goals? How do I know?
With really high, dream-worthy goals, you’ll always be motivated to reach them.


If your goals are laid out, you are measuring your actions, analyzing the statistics of what’s working and what is not, strengthening what’s working and dropping what’s not, and doing what the other successful guys out there are doing – you are doing GREAT, and well on your way!

If you found you are lacking in some of these areas, that’s alright. Now, you know and you can work toward changing things to pick up the speed you need to win!

Best of luck. Let me know if I can help.

Denise Read
Executive Director/Owner
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