Five Simple Ways to Reach Your Business Goals

Five Simple Ways to Reach Your Business Goals!!

If you are not rolling in dough and inundated with new business, whether you are in a new business venture or not, you need to make some changes. Ask yourself: What do I want my work to accomplish? What is my exact desired destination? What are the statistics I need to keep? Don’t spin your wheels! Knowing your precise goal and having a plan to get there means you can tailor your activities, optimize your speed and reach your chosen paradise sooner. Sound good?

First, to increase your sales, productivity, delivery and business stats, you need to take action – neither customers nor money is going to drop out of the sky on you! I’m amazed how many business owners say “I don’t have the budget for marketing” or “I don’t feel the need right now to invest in promotion”. Any successful business owner knows that promotion is more important than actually delivering the product or service.

Here are five simple ways you can increase your sales and stats immediately and get more business for your business.

  1. Promote!

So many times, a business focuses on production, production, production without giving more than a passing thought to how they will get customers to deliver to. I never cease to be amazed by businesses that don’t put enough emphasis on promotion. Remember that if you are confident and believe in your business and have a good product or service, you need to tell others about it. You need to get the word out. It will not get out on its own, and word of mouth referrals bring in only a fraction of the business you will get by active promotion. To best utilize your time and effort, promote to as many people as quickly as you can. Get yourself and your business known along every possible avenue…. NOW!

Promotion needs to be done first, before you do anything else. You have to be serious and determined about not making excuses for not doing it. You need to find the budget because you absolutely, without question, need it!

  1. Identify Your Long (and Short)-Term Goals!

In order to guarantee the best return on your promotional investment, really understand what you are trying to accomplish. What are your exact goals, why you are providing your product or service, to whom do you want to provide it, and what is your ideal scene? Be specific. Specific goals will help steer your promotion efforts. For example, if you are providing consultative services to custodians, you need to align your programs, strategies, targets and actions in the direction of how to best reach your customer before your competitors do. This turns your promotion commitment and investment into a mega-successful action!

  1. Have an Organizing Board!

Whether you are a sole proprietor or a corporation, once your goals are clearly identified, you need an organizing board to understand all the roles within the organization. It seems so obvious, but again, I’m utterly flabbergasted at the number of businesses that don’t have this board!

An organizing board is a board, or chart, that delineates all tasks, roles, and targets of every area of any organization – and it needs to be in place for the business to run successfully. Everything needs to be accounted for; from creating the product, delivering the product, tracking the number of happy customers, to changing the toilet paper roll in the employee bathroom (even if you have a home office). When you have this board in place, it becomes abundantly obvious where most of the activity lies, and which hats are not being worn at all – and I will guarantee there is at least a few dusty hats.

If you have a small business and you are “wearing all the hats yourself”, you still need to have an organizing board. It is a priceless tool that shows you a flow (a series of actions that need to happen in sequence), and your business needs this flow to get your product out. Likely, you will not be surprised at seeing which hats you are wearing the most. But, I promise that you will be aghast at all the hats you are not wearing, don’t want to wear, or have never worn.

  1. Fill the Holes To Maximize Your Efforts!

Once you see where your strengths and weaknesses are on your organizing board, you need to create a plan to fill in the gaps. This part is fun because when that shining light bulb goes on over your head, you will get excited to work through the few minor changes that will have a monumental impact on your business.

  1. Acknowledge Your Staff!

I laugh when I hear that someone runs his business by himself. Alone. No, you don’t! You order parts, supplies and business cards. You have your son run out and pick up lunch during summer break. Your cleaning lady empties the trash. You have staff!

Doesn’t it feel good to have a staff of people working for you? Acknowledge them and utilize them fully. Add to their tasks so you have more time to do the really important stuff, all those activities that bring in the greenbacks.

When you believe in your product or service, you will get others to believe in it too. Your passion radiates, so communicate it! Everyone enjoys being a part of something successful.

You got into your work because you had a passion and a vision for its future success. Validate your choice, to yourself, and find ways to help others – strengthen your original intention.

When you provide an answer to a question, it will cease to be asked. Help others stop searching for answers. They will appreciate you for it.

Just putting some thought and energy on improving your business will improve it! Remember that. Your continued actions and commitment to its improvement will only secure the quickest, most dramatic stat increase possible. I can help. I have some simple tools that will help you spell out your goals, and can share some easy ways to build your organizing board.

Very Best,

Owner/Head Writer
818 913-3202
Twitter: @ReadPromo


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