Does Your Business Need More Business?

Dear Business Owner,

I’m writing to you today because I know that sometimes your business isn’t exactly where you want it. You started with a great idea, and you knew people would want to buy your product or service. All businesses have their ups and downs, but you need the ups to outweigh the downs. Lately things have leveled off and you’re feeling tired and worn out, and even considering packing it up. Is that true?

Go back, and recall when you had your great idea. Remember how it felt to know that you created a way to provide your product or service to others, knowing there were lots and lots of people that would benefit from it?

when you had that great idea way back when to start your grocery shopping business? You knew that it would be a huge success because so many people would rather go to the movies or the beach instead of the grocery store? Remember how you told all your friends and family about your new business and they were your first customers? Then, they told others, and everyone loved all the extra fun things they could do because of you? Then, you experienced the nervousness about leaving your secure “day job” behind, the hectic anxiousness of not knowing if you would succeed or fail, the utter terror of the unknown. Remember?

Somewhere along the way you began to feel comfortable, secure in your abilities, certain of your direction. Your business was growing! More customers gravitated to you, and you and your team successfully grocery shopped for oodles of people. Your customer said, “Wow! My groceries are in the cupboard on Friday afternoon…I am going to the circus!”

Time passed and today you are busy, but not too busy. You are making ends meet. You are still in business, and people know you. You are successful. Don’t 80% of new businesses fail?

Well, you are standing on a plateau. You are not as frantic about getting new customers because you’re busy and doing fine. But, you’re also not growing at the rate you had planned, or anticipated you would after that very rocky and very busy start. And you’re not making as much money as you would like.

It happens! After all, you went into business because you had a great idea that you knew others would buy – and they did! You are an expert in your field, and you deliver your products better than anyone else in your industry, bar none. You provide that extra touch so your clients feel like they got something for free. Nothing is perfect, and you occasionally do have customer service issues, but because you are proud of your business, and know your value, you can solve those problems quickly and to complete satisfaction.


  1. Act of raising in rank or position.
  2. Encouragement of the progress or growth or acceptance of something
  3. The advancement of some enterprise; “My work with XYZ was exactly what I needed. I’ll definitely be a life-long customer!”

But, promotion is not something that comes natural to you, and not something you enjoy doing. And, yet, it’s one of the major reasons why businesses fail to remain in business: lack of communication with your customer, lack of differentiating yourself and your business from others, and failure to communicate your value in a clear and concise, and compelling, manner.

Would you like to change that?

Well… got busy shopping and delivering groceries, and you stopped promoting. Remember that a business has many different facets. Some, like delivering your product, are easy for you. But, some other parts of running a business, like promoting, are not so innate to you. But, you do know that you need to promote if you want your business to continue to grow – to keep those customers coming, to keep your profits and income growing too!

Leave the promotion to us.

Read: Promotion! will help your customer feel the excitement about your business that you created in them at the beginning. We’ll communicate with them as you first did to your friends and family, thrilled that you had a new service and that it was wanted by so many people!

Contact us today! We look forward to helping.

Denise Read

818 913-3202,


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